CEI-RD and the Ministry of Tourism open European Center for Hospitality and agribusiness training

Fecha de publicación: 2 February, 2016

The Mediterranean Hospitality Center for Higher Learning, world leader in its class, opened its doors in the country with a projected investment of RS$675 million.

Santo Domingo.- The Mediterranean Hospitality Center for Higher Learning (CSHM), European institution for education and professional training in the area of hospitality and agribusiness, opened its first campus in Santo Domingo, called ”Centro Hostelería Mediterráneo”.

The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Angel Campillo, Director of International Development at CSHM; Dr.Jean A. Rodríguez, Executive Director of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD); Mr. Francisco Javier García, Minister of Tourism; Mr. Rafael Antonio Ovalles, General Director of INFOTEP; and Mrs. Adriana Santa, Director of the new site in the Dominican Republic.

Construction and operation of the training center will require an initial investment of approximately RD$270 million, of which RD$67.5 have already been invested, and are expected to create 60 direct and indirect jobs.

In addition, the project of Central America and the Caribbean Regional Integration (IRCENCA) will be implemented through the center, whose objective is the creation of a network of Integrated Educational Centers that will be located in the Central American and Caribbean regions, and focused on the development of business, education, and human resources.    The project phase to be executed in the Dominican Republic, will be built with an investment of over RD$405 million, and projected to create over 500 jobs, during its first stage.

Over all, the construction of the Mediterranean Center for Higher Learning in the country will bring a projected investment of RD$675 million and 560 new jobs.

Government working together with investors

Welcoming this initiative, the Executive Director of the CEI-RD Dr. Jean A. Rodriguez, praised the interest shown by the promoters of this investment project, stating that this is proof that “our government and foreign investors have been successfully working side by side”. At the same time, he stated that the motivation for investors to expand is based on the country’s stability and the social vision of the Dominican Government, under the leadership of his Excellency President Danilo Medina.

For his part, the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García, reflected that the Mediterranean Center for Higher Learning will come to strengthen the abilities and competences of human resources in the Dominican hospitality sector, one of the driving economic forces of the country, contributing to top the 5.6 million tourist that visited us last year, with the aim of reaching the presidential goal of 10 million tourists proposed by the current administration.

One Stop Investment Desk                                                    


Additionally, the head of the CEI-RD informed that for over a year, that institution provided technical assistance and permanent monitoring to the investors through the One Stop Investment Window (VUI-RD), “from where all contacts and meetings for the development and execution of this project where organized and coordinated”.

“In short, we managed to streamline the process and its execution in over a dozen institutions that were linked to it, thereby, significally reducing the time and cost to finish this project in our country”.

Quality and excellence

For his part, Mr. Angel Campillo, Director of International Development at CSHM, explained during his speech, that the Mediterranean Hospitality Center for Higher Learning (CSHM) has over 20 years experience in the field, using an integral approach to teaching, where theory and practice are combined with the best tourism sector companies. These companies are currently operating in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Valencia, the state of Andorra, and now in Santo Domingo.

He pointed out that the company has a student body of over 60,000 students from 47 different countries.

“We are talking about a highly rated educational center  within the culinary sector, which has been chosen as an Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO and recognized by the World Association of Chefs due to its levels of excellence, which is why we are certain that it will be well received in the Dominican Republic, and especially thanks to the great interest shown by the government of President Medina to improve the country’s education”.




DR extension


It is located in the central polygon with 650mt² of construction. This area will house various training areas, such as Pastries and industrial Bakery, Restaurant, Kitchen, Bar, Cleaning Training Classroom and Hotel Service, among others, which were designed according to the highest European standards. Work on a second extension has already begun in La Isabelita suburb, with over 3,000mt² of construction.

The development and implementing of this project, model and world leader in specialized gastronomic training, is endorsed by the Spanish government and by the Spanish Development Financing Company (COFIDES).


In addition to Ambassador Alberto Navaro, chief of the European Union delegation; the program included Simon Suarez and Arturo Villanueva, Executive President and Vice-President of Asonahores, respectively, and Juan Martín Oliva, Executive Vice-president of the Popular Bank tourism sector.

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