CEI-RD highlights commitment to streamline direct export process for La Vega and Bonao producers

Fecha de publicación: 9 October, 2016

Santo Domingo.  During the course of a few reconnaissance and evaluation visits, to the province of  La Vega and Bonao oriental vegetables, coriander, oregano, and oregano oil producers, the executive director of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), Henry Molina, made a commitment to promote the streamlining of their product certification process and to provide them with all necessary technical assistance and institutional support  they require, with the goal of increasing production, and expanding their current exports to new markets with potential buyers.

During the meetings with the Oriental Vegetables Producers Association (ASOPROVEGO) and the Association of Agriculture and Livestock Producers from Sonador (APASO), of La Vega and Bonao, that took place on Sunday September 25th, Molina was accompanied by technical personnel from CEI-RD, who carried out a survey on the present needs of the packing plants, where production is work is carried out.

 “At the CEI-RD we are committed to all initiatives which lead to strengthening of the abilities of small and medium potential exporters, so they may face the challenges of interaction in international commerce;  from this, we intend to develop, together with you, our producer friends,  an action plan, whose goal would be to give you the necessary tools that will teach you what to do so you can export your products, and who would be your potential clients” noted the head of the CEI-RD.

The producers from La Vega, who gathered at the Oriental Vegetables Producers Association (ASOPROVEGO), form a group of 117 oriental vegetables producers, their prime interest being their product export development in Miami and New York.

In that regard, the president of Asoprovego, Mr. Luis Almonte, thanked the CEI-RD for their interest in collaborating  and expressed his wish that the oriental vegetable producers of the province, can export their products under the required international market standards.

For its part, the Association of Agriculture and Livestock Producers of Sonador  (APASO), in Bonao, groups 310 coriander, oregano, and oregano oil producers, who received RD$ 34 million in financing from the government for the purchase of production and packing machinery.

In respect to this, the president of Apaso, Mr. Jose Eridano Ortiz, explained that work on the association operation have advanced up to 95% of completion, and that they hope to begin production between October and November of the current year, for which they require help from the CEI-RD in identifying potential buyers who might be interested in their products overseas.

He noted that during the fair DR Exports, organized by the CEI-RD in June of this year, even though they managed to acquire their first purchasing contract from international clients, they still “wish to expand their market, as soon as they begin large scale production”.

For some time now, Ortiz and two members of Apaso have been receiving training on the topic,in the SMEs development courses being given on the installations of the Institute for Exterior Commerce and Business Innovation (ICEI), an attached unit of the CEI-RD, where they attend every week to strengthen their knowledge of exports and international commerce.

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