CEI-RD reports on potential products for export to the EEUU

Fecha de publicación: 23 February, 2016

The research, which was supported by the NSA, reveals the enormous potential of various products in the market and good acceptance they receive.

Santo Domingo. The Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), formally presented the Market Study on Tuesday, February 23: “Facilitation and access of Agricultural and Agroindustrial in New York and Florida, United States of America, under the DR-CAFTA”, among whose research yielded interesting findings-specific products that have great potential and growth opportunities for Dominican exports, also confirming the good acceptance of the Dominican products.

NY and Florida: Key inputs to other States

The study shows that both New York and Florida, as well as being two of the main consumption centers are also entry points to the other states of the United States. In that vein, slogan Florida, by its nature, has great potential as a point of re-export to other Caribbean islands, which should be used by Dominican Republic.

Marketing strategy

The research was conducted by the consulting firm Agroforsa, SRL, under the strategic guidelines of the CEI-RD, and is part of the commitments made in a cooperation agreement signed between that institution and the National Association of Supermarkets of New York (NSA) in January 2013, as part of the marketing strategy of CEI-RD to maximize exports and strengthen trade ties between producers and buyers.

The launch of the study was conducted during a press conference held at the headquarters of the organization, which was headed by the Executive Director of CEI-RD, Jean A. Rodriguez. He was accompanied by representatives of Agroforsa, Mr. Felipe Manteiga and Wagner Mendez, representatives of the technical team of the consultant, respectively.

It focused on 9 items

Highlighting the importance of the initiative, the Executive Director of CEI-RD explained that the purpose of the study is to present to all interested Dominican agricultural and agroindustrial items that would be sold easily and in a large volume in the United States.

In this sense, the investigation resulted in nine products with the potential to achieve this task, these being avocados, bell peppers, tomatoes, taniers, milky, mangos, pineapples, cassava and Japanese pumpkins. He further covered market conditions and competition prevailing in these places.

In the case of pineapple, the official stressed that his potential is immense due to high demand and quality of our pineapples, they also have competitive prices.

“What we have achieved with this study – said Rodriguez – it is evaluating the demand for these products in the aforementioned US states and introduce positive to the general public results, to help the Dominican exporter knows the opportunities, are encouraged to export and plus consumer understands the dynamics of that market and the characteristics under which takes place this demand, which undoubtedly will open new business opportunities Dominican exporters. “

He said that the investigation falls within the commitments established in an agreement signed between the CEI-RD and the NSA in January 2013 so that its results constitute inputs from which greater business opportunities will be generated for exporters of agricultural line.

There are challenges, but the export potential is great

The study also revealed that the growth of exports to the United States of the analyzed products faces challenges in production, associated with the marketing chain, the asymmetry in the negotiations and phytosanitary requirements, as well as the management of financial risk and transport. However, Rodriguez added that the study also shows that “there is great potential for producers and Dominican exporters to increase their profits, reduce risk and diversify their markets in Greater New York”.

He stressed that the country has institutions, such as the CEI-RD, working directly with producers and members of associations, in order to train and advise them on production and export.

Calls exporters join CEI-RD actions and NSA

At the end, the Executive Director of CEI-RD urged Dominicans agricultural entrepreneurs to join the actions taken by the institution, to jointly with the support provided by the NSA, develop a plan of production and marketing, including the establishment of collection infrastructure in the Dominican Republic and receipt and distribution centers in New York and Florida, and thus align a business plan to attract investment and continue to support export promotion.

Incorporate investments to reinvigorate exports

In his presentation, Rodriguez said that despite the situation post Medfly, enable the incorporation of private investments (underused) or public as Merca Santo Domingo, could contribute greatly to invigorate exports.

Conclusions / Recommendations

JCP CEI-RD, NSA and exporters

Based on the findings and conclusions of this study, the main recommendations projecting the need for weigh design a program of harnessing the potential of the market and increased exports, in coordination with the NSA and the joint participation of the official sector and organizations of producers / exporters locally.

Great tool for CEI-RD attract investment

They suggest that this set of production and marketing plan including the establishment of collection infrastructure in the Dominican Republic and receipt and distribution centers in New York and Florida, it can be a great tool CEI-RD to attract investment.

Encourage traders NY

Similarly, recommend motivate traders NSA, to support investments to local producers and exporters to stimulate the market and increase the participation of Dominican products.


Fieldwork was conducted by consulting Agroforsa, SRL, specializing in technical assistance to programs and projects, and coordinated by the CEI-RD company, extensive consultations with stakeholders were conducted in both the Dominican Republic and in the markets studied besides consultations to previous studies, both in terms of market and in production.

In this regard, the Executive Director of CEI-RD, Jean A. Rodriguez appreciated the work done by the consulting firm, which he explained was the winner as best bidder during a bidding process conducted within the framework of Law No. 340 -06 on Procurement and Contracting of Goods, Services, Works and Concessions.

National Supermarket Association (NSA)

The entity was created in 1989 by Hispanic entrepreneurs and currently represents more than 400 supermarkets in the East Coast of the United States, mainly New York and Florida, who make annual purchases over US $ 8 billion.

It is considered a key organization in mobilizing investment into the production of perishable products and the export chain.

You can access the market Study at the following link: (Spanish Only)

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