Director’s Office

Luis Henry Molina
Executive Director

The Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), firmly committed to the free flow of information, to promoting our products with export potential, and our country as an investment destination, has redesigned and modernized its institutional web page, with the intent of meeting today’s high business and technology standards.

With this in mind, the CEI-RD has created one of the highest rated web pages  in the official transparency ratings of the Dominican Republic and one of the most valued among the social networks; a page that answers today’s needs and offers easy  navigation, simple information searches, and a design which allows for clear presentation of institutional objectives. Today we are showcasing a portal that, among many other functions, allows the investor and exporter access to relevant statistical information, economic studies, live conferences, pertinent educational offers, as well as being able to get in touch with a complete professional team that’s ready to assist you with your needs. Because of this and other technical achievements, at the CEI-RD, we believe that investment attraction and export promotion through the use of the best digital resources is already a fulfilled promise. 

Welcome to the new digital look of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic!

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