DR EXPORTS 2016 exceeds US$500 million in business projections

Fecha de publicación: 6 July, 2016

Santo Domingo. DR EXPORTS 2016, the first and largest promotional event for our national exports, was recently held in the country in order to increase our presence in international markets. It exceeded projections for closed contract  with an estimated US$522 million in exports and 15,000 new direct jobs.

By achieving these results, the CEI-RD proves that in Dominican Republic “you can export”, and that our national exports are growing and diversifying more and more every day, while demonstrating optimum competitiveness and diversity levels.

The news was announced by the Executive Director of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD, for its initials in Spanish), Jean Rodríguez, during the course of a press conference held by the official to present the results of DR EXPORTS 2016, which was held from the 27th to the 29th of June of this year, at the Port of Sansouci terminal, under the coordination of that institution and with the backing of the Dominican Government.

“As a result of this important event, we were able to document 3,900 bilateral business meetings, in addition to another 2,000 informal meetings which spontaneously occurred during the event, thanks to a favorable business climate and to the potential of our exporting companies”, emphasized Rodríguez.

He noted that, due to the designed promotional and attraction strategy, over 1,000 buyers were present at the event,  513 of which came from over 30 countries and the rest were local and international distributors, who completed a vigorous work program within the framework of interesting proposals and export opportunities, all highly important for the country’s socio-economic development, exhibited through 250 stands by representatives of the national production sectors linked to agribusiness, construction, manufacturing & industry, health & beauty, technology, and arts & crafts.

“It’s a pat in the back from President Medina’s administration to national exports, and to the promotion of an export culture and of improvements in competitiveness among exporting companies” noted Rodríguez.

Markets interested in Dominican Products

Buyers who visited DR Exports came primarily from: Germany; Antigua and Barbuda; the Bahamas; Barbados; Bonaire; Brazil; Canada; China; South Korea; Costa Rica; Cuba; Ecuador; the United States; Spain; France; Grenada; Guadeloupe; French Guyana; Haiti; Honduras; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Morocco; Martinique; Panamá; Poland; Puerto Rico; the United Kingdom; St. Kitts and Nevis; Sweden; Taiwan; Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela.

The most sought after products

The categories of products most sought after by the buyers where fresh vegetables; construction materials, like cement, marble and tiles; cocoa by-products; tobacco; garments; tropical fruits; healthy and organic food; hair products and manufactured plastic products, especially disposable products. Other standouts were amber, larimar, and arts and crafts, among others.

Investment interest

In addition, and as part of the work program, a especial area was set aside within the fair for presenting investment projects, in which numerous meetings with potential investors were held. These meetings resulted in the presentation and confirmation of new investment projects in excess of US$250 million to be developed within 3 years in the areas of renewable energy, manufacturing & industry and agribusiness.

Launch of the Exporters Guide

According to the Executive Director of the CEI-RD, Jean A. Rodríguez, the scenario created by the fair was capitalized for the launching of the “Exporter’s Guide”,  a compendium of the most relevant topics that all exporters and potential exporters in the country should know about in order to successfully develop their export businesses.

“The Exporter’s Guide thus becomes an invaluable tool, developed by the CEI-RD in favor of Dominican producers and exporters, in keeping with the export promotion strategy outlined by President Medina’s administration”, noted Rodríguez.

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