Department for the Development of Export Goods


“Conserve and increase exports, by giving technical assistance and up to date commercial information to diverse national production sectors and orient them as to incentives, national and international quality control norms and regulations.

Department Description:

“Coordinate, implement and control technical assistance, and follow up activities for exporting companies related to dispositions contained in the Export Incentive Law (Law 84-99) and Law 110-13, as well as the implementing of norms for acceptance in international markets, to enable long term sustainability and growth of established companies and to develop others with export potential”.

Offered Services:

  • Offer information and support services to exporting companies- current and those with export potential- for the adoption of quality control norms and to embrace the stated incentives in the legal dispositions;
  • To carry out a diagnosis, evaluate, and classify exporting companies that wish to embrace Incentives Law (No.84-99);
  • Manage and oversee the compliance of Law 110-13 on the Commerce and Exporting of Scrap Metals, and other waste metals from Copper, Aluminum, and Alloys, as well as any other legal disposition that is required of them.


For better operation, the Department for the Development of Export Goods is organized by sectors of interest which have been identified for the purpose of developing and increasing Dominican export goods. The Department is organized as follows:

  • Manager: Vladimir Hernández del Orbe
  • Assistant Manager: Franklin Montás
  • Person Responsible for:
  • Law 84-99 on Reactivation and Fomenting of  Exports: Alberto Cruz
  • Law 110-13 on Commerce of Scrap Metal Exports: Aída Merette
  • Sectors/Specialists:
  • Food and Beverage Sector
  • Cosmetics and Related/Chacabanas Sector
  • Cultural Industries Sector


  • By Department:
  • Manager: Vladimir Hernández del Orbe

(809) 530-5505, Ext. 245

  • Assistant manager: Franklin Montás

(809) 530-5505, Ext. 289

  • Person Responsible:
  • Law 84-99: Alberto Cruz

(809) 530-5505, Ext. 256

  • Law 110-13: Aída Merette

(809) 530-5505, Ext. 246

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