Department of Market Intelligence

Contribute proactively in the promotion of Foreign Direct Investment, by creating, analyzing, and disseminating statistics, behavior, and current investment tendencies of Foreign Investment.

Market Intelligence Unit

Proactively supports the promotion of Foreign Direct Investment by supplying economic, timely, commercially relevant information and market sector analysis which show the current tendencies of Foreign Investment on a national and international level.

It offers strategic information to internal and external clients on Foreign Direct Investment and the economy in general.

FDI Registration Unit

Registers and clarifies Foreign Direct Investment through the proactive evaluation of received requests. On November 20, 1995 the executive branch signed Law No. 16-95 on foreign investment in the Dominican Republic and on March 11, 2004 issued Decree No. 214-04 where the new modifications to the rules of application for Foreign Investment Registration are established.

Article 9 from Law No. 98-03, of June 17, 2003, grants the CEI-RD all attributes related to the Registration of Foreign Investment.

Services offered by the Department

  1. To produce up to date information about Foreign Direct Investment by means of the Market Intelligence reports, such as:
  • Report on the bi-quarterly behavior of Foreign Direct Investment in the Dominican Republic.
  • Report on the annual behavior of FDI in the country.
  • Statistical analysis of Foreign Investment by target sector and by country of origin.
  • Evaluate recent tendencies in FDI behavior in the Dominican Republic through the analysis of statistical series.
  • Strategic reports and profiles.
  1. Prepare sector profiles and countries oriented towards Foreign Investment.
  2. Offer relevant and current information to internal and external clients in matters of Foreign Investment, markets, sectors, tendencies, and economy in general.
  3. To register Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the Certificate of Transfer of Technology Contracts and inform investors and the general public about the Register of Foreign Investment.


Lic. Yessica Hernández 
Tel: (809) 530-5505, Ext. 479

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