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Decree No. 377-92 dated December 18, 1992, eliminates, the requirement of an export license for all persons or company who wish to export.

General documents required for exporting operations:

  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Customs Declaration (see export concepts).
  • Shipping Manifest or Airway Bill.
  • Certificate of Origen.
  • Health Certificate.

In addition to the fore mentioned documents, there are certain local procedures for some products which are regulated by pertinent public institutions; or if the destination country demands it..

Pesticide Requirements: Agricultural Products

Pesticide Certification for Exporting Plants and Agriculture and Livestock Products.

Export Animal Health Certificate.

The animal health certificate contains the animal products sanitary requirements.

General documents required for exporting operations:

  • General Export Procedures
  • Requirements for Cross  Border Exports to Haiti:
  • Incoterms 2000

Documents required to access Petrocaribe funds:

  • Current Company Registration Form
  • Summary of company compensation procedure:
  • MCD  Diagram
  • Mechanism Flow chart

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