Regional Offices Department

The Regional offices department was created in 2008 with the objective of offering institutional services (CEI-RD), in the areas of:  promotions and fomenting of exports, attraction of direct National and foreign Investment in each of the Dominican Republic’s provinces.

It’s the job of the  Regional Offices  Department to formulate, direct, and coordinate the execution of programs that identify current and potential exporters, see to their needs and offer them technical services in matters related to exports, promotion, granting of incentives,(law 84-89), timely commercial information, legal counseling, on accords and commercial treaties, Training, preparation to access the export markets and logistic support, in order to collaborate with the production and diversification of quality products, resulting in expanding production.

In matters of investment, the regional offices department is responsible for identifying the economic potential of the different provinces of the country, so as to have an inventory of the possible investment areas by region.

Contacts at the main office


Regional Offices Department Manager

Ing. Gustavo A. Díaz Díaz | Ext.268



Cynthia Suero | Ext.328



Yenni Veriguete | Ext.324



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