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To organize, coordinate, and carry out, certification courses, workshops and classes for training purposes in regards to foreign trade.

In the Promotional Division:

  • Organize foreign trade delegations and vise versa.
  • Assist in preparations to participate in international fairs.
  • Media campaign for supply and demand of products through the Trade Point Service.
  • Identifying foreign market preferences, requirements and tendencies to prepare national products for export to destination markets.
  • Identifying business opportunities through fair participation, trade delegations, and direct contact with international buyers.
  • Identifying foreign demand of national products.
  • Assist employees in order to help them participate in foreign markets and increase existing exports, through varied promotional mechanisms.
  • Offer exporters technical assistance with the promotion of their products.
  • Identify new companies and products with export potential through national fairs.
  • To work with similar organisms and institutions in the organization and development of promotional activities.

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