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The (FDI) Aftercare Department of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) offers investors advice and assistance, free of charge, with any proceedings and challenges they may face once they have started operations in the country; helping them develop their operations by offering support and assistance in the promotion of their expansion plans and the creation of new jobs.

The goal is to contribute proactively to the longevity, development, and expansion of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies established in the country.

Services offered by the Department:

  • Continuous monitoring and technical assistance to Foreign Direct Investment companies established in the country.
  • Help with the procurement of permits and authorizations related to the operation and expansion of established companies.
  • Provide feedback to government institutions on investors’ needs and propose legislative initiatives and diverse projects that strengthen the legal framework and national policies, with the intent to improve the business environment for companies established in the country.
  • Help in the forming of business alliances (Production chain) and the identifying of providers and potential customers.
  • Collaboration in creation and development of clusters, associations, and interest groups with the participation of local and foreign companies.
  • Support in the creation and promotion of training programs that are in sync with the needs of the Foreign Direct Investment Companies (FDI).
  • Coordination and execution of job fairs, depending on the human resource needs of specific sectors.


Gypsy Pimentel
Tel: (809) 530-5505, Ext. 540


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