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In the Dominican Republic, there are excellent areas for the year round cultivation of fruits and vegetables; making us an ideal place for agricultural production. The agribusiness sector relies upon Law No. 150-97 which establishes a zero tax rate on all goods, equipment and machinery destined for agribusiness projects. Currently we have over 500 agribusiness companies that generate around 58,000 direct jobs and market opportunities for more than 150,000 agricultural producers.

Traditional agriculture includes the production of cane sugar, coffee, cocoa, and tobacco, while the nontraditional export products include fruits like bananas, oranges, avocados, pine apples, and melons, making the country, one of the primary suppliers of the American market and several European countries, in some of those categories.


The Dominican Republic is the largest exporter of agricultural and livestock products in the region. It is currently the primary supplier of cigars to the United States, first supplier of rum to Spain, and second  to Chile; likewise, it is the second exporter of cocoa beans to Latin America and ninth on a world level.

Several Dominican products are current world leaders in regards to production and exports: It is currently the primary supplier of cigars to the United States, main rum supplier to Spain, and Chile, and the second largest exporter of cocoa beans to Latin America.

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