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Due to its exuberant tropical landscapes, its captivating Colonial Zone, and its contemporary urban landscapes, the Dominican Republic has been the ideal backdrop for scenes from successful films, like The Godfather II, Rambo II, Habana, Jurassic Park, The Feast of the Goat, Miami Vice, The Good Sheppard, The Fast and the Furious 4, and The Lost City. Today, the audio visual sector is comprised of over 60 companies in the areas of production, equipment rental, casting agencies, and other production related services.

Said sector is under the umbrella of Law No. 108-10 for the Fomenting of Cinematographic Activity in the Dominican Republic, with support from the National Film Commission (DGCINE) and the establishing of a series of incentives for local as well as foreign productions. Among the benefits of this legislation is the creation of incentives for producers, presenters, movie studios, tax exemptions, sole filming permit for the temporary import of goods and equipment, cinematographic reinvestment stimulus, and incentives for the establishment of movie studios.

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