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Dominican infrastructure is among the largest and most modern of the entire Caribbean region. We currently have eight international airports, 12 sea ports, one of the largest highway systems   in the region, in proportion to its size and an impressive street infrastructure.

We are regional leaders with the least time and cost for exporting and importing containers, thanks to our advanced transport services that support foreign trade.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Dominican Republic destined towards infrastructure during the period 2004 to 2013, encompassing the sectors of telecommunications, electricity, Real Estate, transportation, and commercial, rose to US$ 8.8 Billion, in high impact projects for national development. .

The Dominican Republic has successfully attracted green investment projects that have had a significant impact in the economy, in projects of Wind Power, Solar, Biomass, Hydroelectric, and clean energy like Natural Gas.

With the approval of Law No. 57-07 towards the development of renewable energy sources, the Dominican Republic has laid the groundwork for the country to eventually be self sufficient in power generation, without harming the environment.

Said law offers incentives and tax exemptions to producers, and alternative energy self generators, which has allowed the Dominican Republic to become one of the primary alternative energy producers.

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