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Who are we?

The One stop shop of the Dominican Republic (VUI) is a project sponsored by the executive branch and under the Executive Direction of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), which seeks to foment and streamline the foreign and national investment process in any of the country’s goods and services sectors.

The VUI-RD gathers in one central point, the main public institutions that are responsible for issuing permits, licenses, and necessary certifications to carry out an investment project in the country. The main goal of this office is to improve investment flows, by eliminating obstacles and cutting through the red tape of government institutions, offering an efficient and transparent service.

Objectives of the VUI-RD

  • Reduce investors’ time and transit costs while respecting the policies and objectives of the participating institutions.
  • Simplify investment projects approval process.
  • Maintain a zero tolerance policy towards corruption.
  • Or offer transparency by means of an efficient case monitoring system.
  • Offer investors, timely information and assistance.
  • Maintain a close working relation with institutions that participate in the investment process in favor of VUI-RD users.

Service Stages

The VUI-RD will be offer its services in two distinct stages: (I) First Stage: Telephone  and personal assistance at the CEI-RD offices in Santo Domingo, which constitutes the only point of entry for the obtaining of required permits for an investment project channeled through the VUI-RD; (II) Second Stage: Virtual assistance will be provided through an internet portal where the investors may carry out on line applications, uploading the documents  required by different government institutions.

Legal Authority

The VUI-RD is created by Decree No. 626-12 dated November 10, 2012. This Decree also creates the Presidential Commission for the coordination of the VUI-RD, integrated by certain Ministries and institutions which participate in the main investment sectors chain. Said commission is chaired by the Ministry of the Presidency and whose Executive Secretary is in charge of the CEI-RD.


What do we offer?

Coordination and paperwork through a single point, with the goal of processing it before the institutions that will issue the corresponding permits, licenses, and certificates. To this end, the VUI-RD periodically validates the requirements of each institution and monitors the progress of submitted projects.

As an added value, the VUI-RD walks the investors through the complete administrative and regulatory process with the help of qualified personnel which provides support and orientation at any point of the investment establishing process.

Our clients

  • Local and foreign investors (potential, new, and existing)
  • Lawyers
  • Project Managers or Project Promoters
  • Consultants
  • International Institutions
  • National Public Institutions

Which investment sectors does the VUI-RD work with?

They are the sectors that produce goods and services in the Dominican Republic and have been classified as investment priorities, they include:

  • Tourism
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Film and  Audiovisuals
  • Agriculture
  • Mining


Paola Infante
Assistant development Manager
809-740-2100, ext. 231

Fior D. Peña
Assistant Technical and Promotional Manager
809-740-2100, ext. 241

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