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The dynamism in the business and long term investment environment  surrounding the different types of Real Estate properties, has positioned our country as one of the main regional destinations for project development, especially within the tourism category.

Our cities’ skyline has drastically changed within the last few years, and the local Real Estate market is now known as an important Luxury Real Estate market. The increase in the availability of upscale Real Estate in urban zones, has allowed the country to be viewed as a choice Real Estate investment destination.

In addition to this, the sector has been aided by a series of government initiatives that promote international tourism and grant fiscal incentives to sector investors through Law No. 158-01 for the Fomenting of Tourism Development in Underdeveloped Areas and New Hubs in Provinces and Areas of Great Potential, which was signed into Law on October 9, 2001.  The fundamental goal of this legislation is a rational and sustained tourism development in specific geographic areas of the country, through multiple attractive fiscal opportunities for investors who wish to enter the sector.

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