Under the Coordination of the CEI-RD, Companies Project Business for US$ 10 Million At Expocomer 2016

Fecha de publicación: 15 March, 2016

Panama. Under the leadership of the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), a delegation of nine Dominican companies linked to the beauty, food & beverage, plastics, packaging and services industry, managed to do business for approximately US$10 million, during the celebration of the 34th version of the commercial Fair Expocomer 2016, celebrated from the 9th to 12th of March, of the current year, at the Atlapa Convention Center, in the city of Panama.

The commercial Fair, Expocomer is considered one of the largest and most important in its class within the region, because it creates an ideal space where all sectors that participate in economic and productive activities of a nation, can let their innovations be known at a local and regional level.

In that spirit, the Executive Director of the CEI-RD, Dr. Jean A. Rodriguez, praised the participation of the Dominican Companies, which had the opportunity to promote the competitiveness of their product lines in front of over 12,700 visitors, evaluate the competition and take advantage of the commercial opportunities in ever-growing markets.

“The business projections achieved in Expocomer 2016, are clear evidence of the high value which Dominican products have overseas, exploring magnificent growth and expansion opportunities towards new markets”, cited Rodriguez.

The Dominican Embassy in Panama and its ambassador Cesar Medina, joined forces with the CEI-RD, and actively participated in this year’s Fair, to promote the globalization of Dominican products as country brand symbols.

Among the participating Dominican companies where, JM Rodriguez, Star Products, La Zeta, Industrias Nigua, Multiquímica Dominicana, Diesco, Hospifar, Laboratorios Unión and Talleres RAMCO, which took advantage of the situation to establish business contacts and important quality commercial transactions  of transcendence.

Expocomer 2016

During Expocomer’s four day duration, over 2,500 thousand businessmen from 35 countries in Europe, Asia, and America attended, and established important business contacts.

The floor area of the exposition was over 17,000 mt², the largest to date, in which participated more than 500 presenting companies from all around the world, distributed in more than 700 exhibition modules.

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